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Your message, and the way it is delivered, speaks volumes about your business, brand, vision and thought leadership. Creating consistent, high-quality content, tailoring your message to fit every platform, even coming up with what you're going to write, say, record or communicate can be stressful and time-consuming. But it doesn't have to be. Don't worry: we've got you!


Our content services include: 

  • Content Strategy: We brainstorm ideas with you to develop your content strategy and create on-brand articles that position you as a thought leader, build your personal brand, showcase your expertise and help attract new clients, leads and business opportunities.

  • LinkedIn Social Media Content: We believe LinkedIn is one of the most effective, yet still underutilized, platforms for building your brand, connecting with your ideal clients and customers, and establishing you as a thought leader. So we’ll keep that same energy going by designing engaging and relevant content to feature consistently on your LinkedIn profile — whether curated content or original pieces. 

  • Newsletter Content: Build your email list organically and keep your audience engaged with consistent, custom-designed newsletters that provide information, value and special offers just for your subscribers. We help you determine the best newsletter platform for your business and design a template that best supports your needs.

  • Podcast Production: It’s not too late for you to launch a podcast and reach a whole new audience! Please contact us to discuss your podcast idea and goals for your show, and we will provide you with a detailed quote for developing a professionally produced and engineered podcast based on your objectives. 

  • Book Ghostwriting and Collaboration: You’ve waited long enough to get that book out into the world — now is the time! Reach out to us to discuss your book idea and learn how our skilled collaborators can help you get a top-quality book professionally written, edited, designed and published on major platforms such as Amazon in as little as six months. 

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If your organization or outlet wants to develop authentic content that resonates with women and BIPOC, visit our corporate site to learn about our DEI content consulting services.


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