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Chic Rebellion is a multimedia content and consulting agency that helps your build your brand, refine your message and share your story.

We go way beyond "buzzworthy" and help you craft content that is a true reflection of who you are, what your business or project is about, what your vision is and what you're contributing to the world! We know you're up to something big -- and we know how important it is that you are able to articulate what you're up to with confidence and ease. We also know that your time is precious, so we take care of developing your content strategy and creating your content for you while you focus on growing your business. Through smart, consistent and engaging content that reflects your voice, we help you authentically connect with your audience and build a relationship of trust. 


Chic Rebellion Media has a team of more than 100 professional writers, editors and producers who have experience within a wide range of subject matter and work with some of the biggest general market and niche media outlets and brands -- such as Fast Company, Bloomberg, HuffPost, Hollywood Reporter, Daily Beast, People, WWD, Essence, Guardian, Washington Post and more. We bring deep-rooted expertise and specialized skills in reaching and engaging audiences through powerful, relevant and thoughtful content.

If you're looking to tell your unique story, raise awareness for your brand, expand your platform and have an impact, let's connect